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Meet Alli Gessner

When Alli Gessner picked up an oboe for the first time in 9th grade, she had no idea that she was picking up her life's work. She is passionate about teaching and performing classical music. Alli is a versatile musician, at home in chamber, orchestral, and non-traditional performances. She teaches students of all levels in private lessons, and group classes. 

Alli lives in Sunnyvale, CA, and currently freelances with many Bay Area ensembles, including the Stockton Symphony, Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, Sacramento Philharmonic, and One Found Sound ensemble. She held the Second Oboe and English Horn seat in the Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra by appointment from 2012-2017, and has performed with many orchestras in the Midwest including the Northwest Indiana Symphony, Peoria Symphony, New Philharmonic Orchestra, Northbrook Symphony, Battle Creek Symphony, and Dubuque Symphony. 

Teaching is also a passion of Alli's, and many of her strategies come from her experiences with tendonitis. After years of forearm pain, Alli found the Alexander Technique, swimming, and yoga to be helpful in developing body and breath awareness. Fundamentals like breathing exercises, and posture are essential elements of each lesson and practice session. Alli has been teaching since 2007, and loves introducing students to the oboe for the first time.  

Alli also loves to play chamber music. She has played in ensembles of various sizes from 2 to 10 musicians. In 2016, she co-founded Floboe Productions Studio with flutist James Brinkmann. Together, FPS focuses on producing shows which are interactive and focus on storytelling using classical music. Their first production, "Concerto for Frenemies" uses Mozart-period costumes, acting, physical comedy, musical humor, and audience interaction to tell the story of two Divas. 


My teaching style is warm, discussion-based, and systematic.  I have developed clear practice methods for concepts based on my own learning, and my student's needs. Let's customize your oboe journey together!

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