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Fill your oboe section starting today

Switching to Oboe is designed to help band students switch to oboe in just 8 interactive video lessons. 

Get started playing oboe today!

Designed with busy band directors and students in mind, Switching to Oboe the online course takes the guess-work and struggle out of playing the oboe.


I take care of the essentials: 

- care of reed and instrument

- embouchure formation and troubleshooting

- practice habit development

- dynamics and intonation

- how to simplify a hard band part until you've practiced it well enough to feel comfortable playing in class.

The curriculum was developed in over 10 years of hands-on lessons with beginning oboists of varying levels of experience.

MH, 10th grade

"Working with Ms. Gessner has tremendously eased the pressure of switching instruments, especially learning a double reed instrument like the oboe. My lessons with her always end with improvement, targeting parts of my playing which can be applied elsewhere, and I can comfortably play the oboe only a few months into our lessons. In my school ensemble, I'm able to play with the band because Ms. Gessner's advice can be applied to many of the exercises and pieces."

RV, 9th grade

"The course is working really well, so I don’t think I need lessons. I greatly appreciate the lessons and all the help that you have provided!"

SZ, 7th grade

"Working with you has helped me have better rhythmic counting, play notes more accurately in tune, and play songs more comfortably. For a beginner, the fingerings get familiarized quickly with the specific practices given. Working with you helps me learn more about how to solve particular issues with how I play and with the oboe when there are any problems as well."

Get started today!

Play oboe confidently in just 8 interactive video lessons.

All the sheet music is included, so you can work at your own pace. 

The course was designed for students who have played in band for at least one year and can read music fluently.

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