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Do your oboe students play with good tone?

Now that we’re really into the semester, you’re probably working on tone with your students. Good news! I have a ✨FREE ✨resource for your students to help them work on playing with good tone!

(If you’ve been following me for a while, you may have seen this resource before…but I still go over the techniques with my students, even advanced students, so I thought I'd share it with you again!)

The number one thing students need to develop good oboe tone is:

Fast, consistently supported air.

This is important because every reed is different, and will have a different potential tone color.

When students are able to play with fast and consistently supported air it’s easier to play soft and in tune, with consistent tone color, and throughout the range of the instrument.

HOW do you get students to play with fast and consistently supported air? Using the 3 F’s of playing oboe. The 3 F’s are: Fast air, Forward air, and Funneled air.

For all the inside details go here to get the downloadable packet you can print, and a link to three videos exploring each of the 3 F’s in detail!

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