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No more "I think my reed is stuck..."

This is the time of year that we hear the phrase “I think my oboe reed is stuck” or “I…can’t…get…my reed out!” (said as the student grits their teeth and tries to pull their reed out of their oboe well!

I have an easy solution for you, and a quick video you can use as a resource for your students too.

Simply do the T-Shirt Trick:

  1. Grab the reed cork with the fabric of your shirt

  2. Holding the reed in place, twist and gently pull the oboe away from the reed.

  3. Next time you use this reed, apply cork grease to the bottom half of the cork before you put the reed in your oboe.

You can watch the tip video here, and feel free to share it with your students!

Until next week,



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