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The perks of playing oboe

We have just a few weeks left to teach in this calendar year! 🎉

And I know you have concerts galore, and maybe you have to turn in grades soon too. Have you also started locating oboes to get students switched to oboe in the new year?

Maybe you’re not ready to switch just yet and are waiting for January.

Maybe you’ve already put the instrument in students’ hands!

Maybe you’re waiting on a student to at least give playing oboe a try.

Today I want to give you my short list of the perks of playing oboe so you can hopefully recruit more new oboe students to fill out your bands!

The perks of playing oboe

  1. It’s a rare instrument, so there’s less competition.

  2. You’re more likely to have the opportunity to play a solo.

  3. You may have more opportunities to move up to the higher band, or participate in other special music events (school musical, orchestra, etc.).

  4. It’s a relatively small and lightweight instrument, so it’s easy to take home with you.

  5. You get to tune the ensemble.

  6. You’re doing a service to the band by adding the unique oboe sound!

  7. If you play oboe well, it looks great on a college application!

I personally switched to oboe because of #2. I was last chair flute in 9th grade band, and really really wanted to play a solo but wasn’t interested in practicing. When I switched to oboe I discovered a passion for Baroque music, and my oboe teacher made sure to give me challenging solo repertoire that forced me to practice more than the minimum amount … And here I am today as a professional oboist!

Introducing: Switching to Oboe

The online course to get students playing oboe in band quickly and confidently!
In 8 play-along video lessons, students will learn: embouchure, reed troubleshooting, air usage, when to use alternate fingerings, how and when to simplify the part, and how to practice technical passages effectively. The course covers all 12 major scales and the chromatic scale. All this material is available on-demand for the student to complete at their own pace.

I'm offering a secret subscriber-only discount on the course from 12/15-12/31, so Subscribe now to get the discount code!

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